25 Cromwell Road


Whitstable, Kent

Contact No: 07932756998

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Directions: go through the alley between the Coach and Horses and the Junior School, back entrance to number 25, same as last year.

9/10th October Open 11am/5pm
16/17th October Open 11am/5pm
23/24th October Open 11am/5pm

Tracey Falcon

Playing with trees. 2D and 3D works.

Suzanne Elizabeth
  • Suzanne Elizabeth

Original botanical artworks made from pressed seaweed. Inspired by Victorian women. Pieces catalogued,numbered,dated by harvest and place.

Anna Jones
  • Anna Jones

I work with small figures in natural wood, dried blossoms and grasses, flowers and clay, creating pieces that have a sense of natural story telling playing with scale.

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