The Red Door Space, 14 Rodney Street, Ramsgate

The Red Door Space, 14 Rodney Street, Ramsgate


Ramsgate, Kent

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Jana Valencic

Jana Valencic is a chronicler of events at first hand. In Ramsgate, 2nd April 2020 she sums up her initial fright of Covid

Jean Stockwell

Jean Stockwell's work explores objects with a sea theme, creating makeshift souvenirs.

Morfydd Ransom-Hall

Morfydd Ransom-Hall's Daily Weather Reflections is a personal response to the daily weather. This ongoing data collection began in 2010.

Crow Dillon-Parkin

Crow Dillon-Parkin's work seeks to articulate embodied experience in the era of neoliberal global capitalism and climate crisis.

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