Magical Margate Townhouse – 30 Dalby Square, Cliftonville


Margate, Kent

Contact No: 07985 020282

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This location will not be open on the third weekend of this year's trail.

The Artists

Megan Metcalf

Megan captures everyday moments using illustration and painting, her inspiration comes from a mindful approach to the here and now.

Vicki Salmi

Vicki is a mixed media artist whose work is borne out of an eternal struggle between chaos, order and imperfection.

Alan Harford

A stylised portrait photographer featuring strong and successful women.

Fern Sherratt-Wells

A bit of everything but sights from all over the world; scenery, wildlife, culture, people.

Lesley Gray

Inspired creatively and emotionally by nature, I try to capture the essence of the place colourfully.

Philippa Bradshaw

Charcoal and pencil life drawing, portraits and botanicals, originals and prints. Vibrant painted floral prints from a textile designer background.


Woodworker and sculptor working predominantly with hardwoods like Iroko, Cherry and Walnut

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