The Eclectic Art Gallery, 6 Broad Street

The Eclectic Art Gallery, 6 Broad Street


Margate, Kent

Contact No: 07305473010

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Adelphine Newton

An artist working in 2d and 3d, creating paintings, sculptures, textiles, jewellery and accessories.

Deborah Gilbert

A semi-abstract painter, working in layered acrylics, capturing the seas, skies and iconic coastal views of her home town.

Janis Volckman

A potter making a diverse range of functional and decorative pots

Lorraine Kinnear

A photographer, painter, mosaicist and sculptor of driftwood and wire pieces.

Maddy Grout

Showing a selection of acrylic paintings of British Birds, from her Birding Year of expeditions.

Michele Papageorghiou

A painter capturing Thanet's seaside towns with a fresh contemporary approach that pays homage to iconic artists of the past.

Nick Gilbert

A photographer, inspired by living by the sea.

Sarah Gibbon

A seed bead artist creating contemporary and colourful jewellery and accessories, who also makes hand-pulled prints and mosaics.

Sian C Morgan

A watercolourist and line-work illustrator of local coastal architecture, natural forms and scenes, including buildings and seashells.

Trix Newham

A ceramic artist who also paints, draws, sews and marbles.

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