Beach Creative, Beach House, Beach Street,


Herne Bay, Kent

Contact No: 0300 111 1913

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Studio 7 - ground floor along the corridor
07534 259409

Susan Tomkins

Impressionist seascapes and gardens - oil or acrylic on canvas or paper.
Illustrative watercoloour and pen.

Mike Harrison

Paintings and Assemblages of the architecture of the mind.

07795 955 505

Studio 6 - Top Floor.

Esther Miles

Esther Miles is an abstract painter who works with mixed media to create intricate textile influenced pieces.

Insta: @esther.miles

Studio 6 - Top Floor

Max Sheppard

Max works with wood, predominantly found on the local beaches and marshland, to create boxy wall-based reliefs inspired by his architectural drawings

Studio 3b - Up the stairs to the first floor and turn left.

07955 051 061

Zoe Spencer

Original mid-century and vintage fabrics re-purposed into handmade cushions, wall art and accessories.

Studio 2 - up the stairs to the first floor and turn left.

Closed 23/24 October.

07941 489 437

Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones is a Printmaker, working on fabrics and paper.
Her range includes handprinted homewares in natural linen, cork and denim.

07957 717 455

Studio 2 - Up the stairs to the first floor and turn left.

Jacqueline Newbury

To paint colour is to live and to live is to paint!

Studio 1 - Up the stairs to the first floor and turn left.


Robert Johnston

Experimental paintings using acrylic and oils and featuring traditional realism.

Studio 1 - Up the Stairs to the first floor and turn left.

Play Paradox -  Paradox Artists Collective .

Play: an alternative universe. Play encourages competition and fun, while often encouraging behaviours such as deceit, betrayal, and violence. Players face ethical and moral dilemmas in controlled environments. Bang, bang, you're dead. Let's play doctors and nurses - but with whose rules? Play Paradox explores the paradoxes behind the principle of Play.

An Exhibition in all 3 Galleries at Beach House, from 8th - 28 October

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