22 Gainsborough Drive

22 Gainsborough Drive


Herne Bay, Kent

Contact No: 07949 010639 (Dee Sullivan)

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All on one level but porch and front door have slight step
Opening times 10.00am-5.00pm
Open all 3 weekends

Dee Sullivan

Dee Sullivan creates painterly, abstracted photographic images, and is also exploring acrylic painting. Her work celebrates nature, textures and colour.

Tom Mellish
  • Tom Mellish

Tom Mellish responds to the seascape through the use of multi-media. 

Mary Mellish
  • Mary Mellish

Mary Mellish draws from her observations of the landscape, using watercolour, pen and ink sketches and photography.

Sally Mellish
  • Sally Mellish

Sally Mellish paints landscapes that capture the changing seasonal colours.

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