5 Ethelbert Road, Canterbury

5 Ethelbert Road, Canterbury


Canterbury, Kent

Contact No: 01227 769278

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Opening times10am-5pm.
14th / 15th October Open
21st / 22nd October Open
28th / 29th October Open
Weekday appointments available by arrangement . Please phone 01227 769278

Clive Soord

A collection of very different interests

Lindsay West

Multi-media works exploring memories and experiences

Sue Freeman

The natural world is my constant inspiration for all the art I make in fabric, paper & print

Simon Stamatiou

Thrown texture’s on spherical forms

Scarlet Isherwood

Icons in the cost of living crisis. Looking at icons and translating them into our time now!

Richard Dwyer

A cross between figurative and abstract, there is a sense of recapturing memories or dreams; a vivid image slowly dissipating. Powerful but elusive

Paul Wright

Sculptures in carved wood and stone inspired by drawings and photographs of cloud formations, and by moving water in the sea and rivers

Julien Hatswell

Symbolist paintings and reproduced cold cast metal sculpture

Jack Clare

I love the strength and subtlety of monochrome drawing

Ben Kidger

Wall mounted, Canterbury Cathedral Caen Stone, re- created, drapery, weight, form

Andrew Baldwin

Large steel sculptures

Sarah Knowler

Sarah’s work is created using printmaking, ceramics and drawing. Inspired by nature, text and found objects
(photo by Tom Wetherall)

Frazer Doyle

Using ceramics as the preferred media, Frazer experiments with glazes, clay slips and different organic materials to create textures

Luke Godfrey

Re-appropriating architectural detailing within the ever-changing urban environment. Aiming to heighten our awareness of the architectural world in which we inhabit

Mark Howland

Landscape paintings inspired by observational studies, metaphor and personal motifs

Evon Setters

I use colour, pattern, texture and mark-making to reflect what I see within a landscape in a variety of mediums

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