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Margate, Kent

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EKOH Weekend 1
20th | 21st October 2018

New Paintings (2016-2018): Margot Bandola

EKOH Weekend 2
27th | 28th October 2018

New Paintings (2016-2018): Margot Bandola

Studio 1: Mick & Thea Arnold
Studio 2: Sweet Potato and Friends, Clare Youngs, Jenny Duff
Studio 3: Neil Dixon
Studio 4: Don Eachells
Studio 5: Helen Whitehead working as Girl Mad As Birds

EKOH Weekend 3
3rd | 4th November 2018

June Sharpe: Exhibition

The Artists

Margot Bandola

Working mainly in oil and collage Margot Bandola's expressionistic painting explores the absurd and unfathomable providing a news bulletin from a shrouded ether world. Peppered with nocturnal characters emerging from the subconscious her paintings evolve twilight darknesses to reveal a pertinent fact. Everyone plays a role in the somnabulist state. Using colour, rhythm and texture she dynamically juxtaposes the savage and wry, revealing inner and outer space in the cerebellum jungle from a feminist point of view.

Exhibiting 20th | 21st October & 27th | 28th October

Mick Arnold

Abstract / minimalist

Sweet Potato & Friends

Please join me in my potato world located in a muddy field on a windswept coast. "Any fool can dig for gold but only the wise dig for potatoes" SPF

Exhibiting 27th | 28th October

Clare Youngs

I am Clare Youngs, a designer maker working with paper and fabric. I trained as a graphic designer and have worked in the industry, mainly in packaging design but have a life long interest in everything handmade and since childhood have enjoyed making beautiful handcrafted objects. In 2009 I turned to craft full time and have not looked back. It has been an incredibly busy and exciting time writing books, running workshops and creating artworks. I combined the new direction in my career with a relocation from London and now live and work on the beautiful Kent coast.

Exhibiting 27th | 28th October

Neil Dixon

Neil explores the hinterland between drawing and painting. He combines traditional draughtsmanship with contemporary mark making creating everything from high realism, to reactive and expressive drawn imagery.

Exhibiting 27th | 28th October

Don Eachells

I constantly draw upon my fascination with life and many compelling and challenging discourses, which excite my very sense of being. This seeps into my work and in the constant flux of creating, images and ideas multiply and new projects are inspired. I also appreciate the flexibility and diversity of contemporary art making, as this gives freedom to engage in a wide panorama of artistic expression.

Exhibiting 27th | 28th October

Helen Whitehead

Helen specialises in ceramic and glass work, with a particular interest in the interplay between different forms of media. Her ceramic work often focuses on the use of pattern and symmetry, which is frequently expressed in her handmade tiles. Large scale glass and light sculptures feature heavily in her more recent work and her interest in luminism adds greater scope to many of her pieces.

Exhibiting 27th | 28th October

Jenny Duff

From sophisticatedly stylish to the bright and funky, set your table with Jenny Duff table mats and coasters for Happy Dining.

Exhibiting 27th | 28th October

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