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Margate, Kent

Contact No: 01843 292779

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Located in Margate Old Town in the South East of England, Lombard Street Gallery represents a diverse and eclectic range of artists and makers. We work with professional local, national and international artists to bring you the best in handmade and handcrafted products.

The Artists

Claire Gill

Claire is a Royal College of Art trained textile designer working in photo montages. She has always used photography as a way of exploring the world and researching creative projects and is now using it as a more central tool in the development of her work. Her work uses the computer to digitally juxtapose and combine the photographs she takes, to create something new and unique.

Margo Selby

Margo is a textile designer known worldwide for her beautifully crafted products. She trained in textile design at Chelsea College of Art and Design and then followed this with a postgraduate degree at The Royal College of Art, graduating in 2001. Margo initially worked as a woven textile designer for industrial mills. It was during this time she united her innovative hand-woven constructions with industrial machinery to create the unique 3-dimensional fabrics that were to become the trademark of the Margo Selby Brand.

Ian Allan
  • Ian Allan

Ian is a documentary photographic artist. His current work captures the, again fashionable, Victorian seaside town of Margate. He highlights the town’s transition from old to new, commentating on its constant evolution year to year. Ian was trained at the Berkshire School of Art and Design in Reading.

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