30 Odo Road, Dover

CT17 0DP

Deal, Kent

Contact No: 07429 826212

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Directions: Turn left at lights on A256 High Street, Dover, into Tower Hamlets. Follow 2nd right, after going over railway bridge, then 3rd left. Continue halfway down street. Some free on street parking

The Artists

Mike Tedder

My work is inspired by many stimuli such as a dream, an emotion, language, something suddenly remembered, a song, or the experience of a particular moment. Exploring a juxtaposition of reality, fantasy, aesthetics and sensation, I examine some of the transient moments of real life experiences within both shared and autobiographical contexts. As a young boy, l was enthralled by early experiments with my Kodak lnstamatic camera, and photographic imagery remains an important part of my practice today. I am passionate about analogue film, in particular exploring the unpredictable nature of expired instant Polaroid film that still performs, despite the challenge of failing chemical reaction, and creates an image imbued with an ethereal beauty of its imperfection.

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