5 Ethelbert Road, Canterbury


Canterbury, Kent

Contact No: 01227 769278

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The Artists

Clive Soord

Escape to a Weird and Wonderful World

Lindsay West

The Magical Circus - "Eternal Vessels"

Richard Dwyer

I work in abstract and figurative form as well as portraiture. All the pieces carry a more expressionist aesthetic irrespective

Glyn Brawn

Fine English Leadwork

Ben Kidger

Ceramic, car paint, carving, clay, drapery, plinth

Emma Maxwell @ Medusa Canterbury

We are three experienced contemporary tattoo designers. We create unique body art to suit your personality and style

Evon Setters

Mixed Media Paintings, Drawings and Prints

Julien Hatswell

'Paintings and sculpture inspired by symbolism, surrealism and gothic, with a recent romp into expressionist abstraction'

Adam Collins

Artist and maker working in unusual media and subjects related to a mundane existence

Mark Howland

A collection of small oil studies. These are often used as the starting points for the larger studio paintings also on show

Leo Keleman

When I have enough spare time this is how I like to use my creativity.
My pictures are mixed and controversial

Lynne Spalding

Functional pottery with surface design and texture inspired by the natural world, plants and the sea

Piotr Godlewski

Constantly changing universe of paradox. Divided but united. Diverse and unsettled. Looking for balance within polarisation…..
Glimpse of human nature

Chrissy Broadbridge

Recent works include illustrative linocut, oil resist prints. Inspired by concepts of attraction

Lucy Stockwell

A series of narratives to capture experience and evoke moments in places and relationships that relate to people’s own time spent

Richard James Blyth

A fondness for sparse landscapes and transportive music

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