5 Ethelbert Road, Canterbury


Canterbury, Kent

Contact No: 01227 769278

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The Artists

Clive Soord

Sea Serpents, mark making and other imaginative inventions.

Lindsay West

The Four Ages of Woman

Richard Dwyer

Colour portraits in pastel

Glyn Brawn

Fine English Leadwork

Ben Kidger

Mrs, Arnolfini, plinth, ceramics, green, car paint

Emma Maxwell @ Medusa Canterbury

Tattooing, Design and Painting

Sue Freeman

Textiles & mixed media inspired by the natural world

Evon Setters

Paintings and Drawings in Mixed Media which include simplified abstractions that explore shape, light and colour.

Julien Hatswell

For 30 years, I’ve sculpted and painted a variety of subjects imbued with symbolism and surrealism

Mark Hargreaves

Intriguing sculptures made from reclaimed metal

Adam Collins

Currently enjoying a brief digression into printmaking for the joy of making without being tied down by a concept

Mark Howland

Oil paintings and plein air studies from Canterbury and other travels; imagined and real

Leo Keleman

When the creativity is over flowing in me this is how I spend my time. My pictures are mixed and controversial.

Lynne Spalding

Functional ceramics inspired by plants, landscapes and the sea

Paul Wright

I work mainly in carved wood but also stone and ceramics. My starting point is the human figure, with other themes combined.

Valerie Heasman

Clay's versatility encourages me to experiment with texture, layering and colour in sculptural objects.

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